>Louis Vuitton L’Adventure

Louis Vuitton is a heritage brand and L’Aventure pays tribute to the globetrotters of the past and present.

Louis Vuitton pop-up store L’Aventure at 22 Avenue Montaigne Paris played host to an exhibition highlighting the house’s legacy in luggage, did you know they didn’t even introduce Ready-to-Wear until 1997, and  so L’Adventure brings the house to their adventure bound roots from trunk beds destined for expeditions in African to luggage designed to equip half-track vehicles across Asia.

For this client we made the monkeys and palm trees.

The monkeys where rotationally cast, which means they are light strong and seamless.

These items were made to withstand the retail environment with a high level of attention to detail.

Each of the palm trees were made in 12 foot high sections and the reduced to the sizes required. The palm tree mould was made in a very considered way to minimise the visible seam line  whilst this was more time consuming we feel it has resulted in a might higher end finish.