>Advertising projects

BBC and Red Bee Media 

We were approached by Red Bee Media on behalf of the BBC to create three 1:6 scale sets. Each set was designed to give a hyper realistic feel with each element being custom designed and detailed to mimic reality. Even the scaled dolls clothing, hair and makeup were carefully thought out to ensure the maximum impact on camera.

After a very successful days filming at Universal Creations premises Red bee worked there magic to create this film which has captivated audiences. Each scenario challenges the audience’s perception on gender, our expectations of men and women, in a way which shocks and provokes.




When the lovely people at Territory contacted us to create some hero props for the making of the teaser of  ‘The Strain: The Animated Prequel’ we were delighted to help. Check it out below.


Golden Wolf

We were delighted when we were approached by the very talented team at Golden Wolf to create the cat paws for there opening titles for the 2015 OFFSET Festival. Inspired by our furry feline friends, Golden Wolfs concept was to create a world that saw design from the perspective of a cat….our harshest, yet softest critic.

OFFSET 2015 Titles from Golden Wolf on Vimeo.


Blue Peter

Who remembers Blue Peter? We were honoured to be asked to make 3D Print Blue Peter badges for the animal stars in there new advert.



This was a commission for Kellogg’s to be used in one of there advertising compaigns. We were asked to make over 2000 individual rice crispy square’s bars, which were later painted and assembled into the sculpture you can see I the video below.


Use Our Loaf: Kingsmill

We were thrilled to be able to mould and cast bread for Kingsmill, this commission saw us taking a mould from real loafs of sliced bread which were then cast using our extensive range of materials so the end product felt and looked like the real thing. To ensure 100% accuracy separate moulds were taken for each of the types of bread as the detail picked up means it is possible to identify the difference in texture between the white, 50:50 and brown loaves of bread.