We make, create and innovate

Universal Creations is an innovative creative company that specialise in making replications and creating bespoke products for film, television & arts, events & exhibitions and interior design & shop windows. We love getting to know you and take time to understand your requirements.

Through our expert knowledge and experience, we define the best approach to ensure a high quality product, delivered through a reliable and friendly service. We care and take pride in everything that we do. The company was founded in 2013 by Adriaan Englebrecht and Nicola Parke. Adriaan has over 12 years experience in the industry since learning.

Selected Projects
We know we’re good at what we do here at Universal Creations. With over a decade’s worth of experience under our metaphorical belt, we’re confident that we can delight our clients and satisfy their every request with our impeccable attention to detail and indefatigable service.

We’ve acknowledged that the pressure of a deadline can sometimes conflict with the importance of perfection and accuracy, but we believe that we have found an ideal equilibrium, balancing both time efficiency and attention to detail. Just click below to read more about our services and the method in our madness.

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Our clients range from individuals to multi-national corporations.

We aim to develop long term partnerships with our clients and like any relationship that takes understanding,
mutual goals and a nice surprise from time to time.