Our Story

We are artisans, designers and visionaries. We make the imagined reality with precision, extraordinary craftmanship and attention to detail.

Universal Creations was born from a raw passion for creation, founded by Adriaan Engelbrecht and Nicola Parke, guided by a mission to innovate, experiment and manufacture, fusing form and function in innovative new ways and pushing the boundaries of what’s possible.

Located in Ashford, Middlesex, Universal Creations specialises in making bespoke items from props, models, and replicas for the big screen through to privately commissioned interiors and works of art.

You’ll find our buzzing 7000 square foot, cutting-edge studio minutes from Shepperton Studios and equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and a unique appreciation for materials, detail and aesthetic.

Our expert and growing team includes acclaimed designers, sculptors, engineers, experienced prop makers and some of the best creative minds in the country. We bring truly talented people together to enrich and touch lives around the world by creating items of wonder which live through film, displays or as works of art to be cherished for generations.

Our Facilities

We operate from a fantastic, spacious and fully equipped facility of over 7000 square foot of workspace, where we have the ability to deliver projects covering a broad range of requests. At the heart of this operation Adriaan Engelbrecht draws on his ten years of experience within the industry to innovate, experiment and manufacture. We transform your visions into reality.

Ariel image of Universal Creations Workshop

Universal Creations are a very talented Production Design company who have a genuine passion for Film Production. I was very grateful to work with them on our short Sci-Fi Drama ‘Cognition’ starring Andrew Scott and Jeremy Irvine.

From the moment they started work on the production, their professionalism and expertise put us all at ease as there was a tight deadline on the production. We had various production design assets and weapons needed for the shoot. What Nicola and Adriaan were able to achieve in a short turn around time was spectacular, everything was of a very high standard and the results speak for themselves.

I would highly recommend Universal Creations as they have a genuine understanding of the entire production design and film production process, they help facilitate any filmmakers vision to become a reality. Without a doubt, a force to be reckoned with as major Film Production Designers of the future.

Ravi Ajit ChopraDirector 'Cognition'

I have been working with the team at Universal Creations for several years now and I cannot speak highly enough of Adriaan/Nicola and the team. The products they provide are the best, without doubt in my nearly 30 years in this business.

The quality of the weapons I received is superb, after 2 seasons of large battle scenes we are still using some of the swords and muskets they made, with only a little touch up to the paint work. Don't know of any other similar companies that can offer that standard.

Jim ElliottArmourer - LBP Outlander Ltd

As often happens in the film industry we had gone down many avenues to solve a spa set problem all of which uncovered more issues. At the 11th hour we came to Universal Creations to make an enlarged 'stone' finish bath for this crucial scene in The Favourite. They had been highly recommended by our Prop Master and I wouldn't hesitate to do the same.

We came to them with too little time, too little money and a number of other design restraints; the bath had to hold a mud substance, not weigh too much as there were access issues and it had to be made over a Easter weekend.
We worked together to resolve the problems and they worked tirelessly to get it made in time and to the standard we expected.

I hope in work with them again in the future as I could not fault their professionalism.

Lynne Huitson

The extremely talented team at Universal Creations turn my visions into reality. From brainstorming ideas to finished props, they work professionally and have a vast collective prop making knowledge, which is certainly appreciated. They understand challenging budgets and cope well within tight time frames, always with a smile!

Hannah Knowlton Art Director

We are really grateful for the dedication, support and creativity of Universal Creations in helping The Royal British Legion commemorate the Centenary in such an engaging way.

Tom RobinCentenary Manager
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